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Craft Ideas for Kids

Crafting with kids is all about making fun, making use of the ideas you see and making them fit in the context. Kids craft fit different seasons, ages, abilities, individuals as well as groups.

DIY Paper Cardinal
• Paint the paper roll red on one side and let it dry.• Fold a half of the top part of the tube• Fold the remaining part in two overlapping section.• Paint orange on the front of the beak and black around the beak• Form a line across the beak using the permanent marker and add two eyes.

Bubble Wrap Rug
• Lay a section of the bubble wrap on a hard ground.• Use a long strip of duct to tape the first section on the ground• Continue adding sections of bubble wrap.

Recycled Cork Boat
• Paint 3 corks and leave them to dry.• Glue them.• Cut the corner of a scrap paper to make a triangle for your sail.• Push the toothpick into the center cork and add some water to start up your sail.

DIY Nebula Jar
• Ensure that you have filled your clear glass jar with water.• Add a little tempera paint and stir• Add cotton balls and glitter. Press them until they reach the top• Screw on the lid

Kid’s Paper Plate Wall
• Paint the paper plates in a variety of colors and let them dry• Apply the sticky tack to the back of the plate• Arrange your plates and make designs of your choice

Bookworm Pencil Toppers
• Wind one end of a pipe cleaner.• Twist the others to become the body of the warm around the pencil.• Use hot glue to add an eye on the warm.
Stop Motion Flip Book
• Draw a small dot on the bottom paper and a little further towards the next page.• Repeat but change the pattern.• Flip all the pages faster.

Easy Recycled Desk Organizer
• Paint the outside of the tissue roll.• Merge the tubes with a hot glue gun.• Make a pyramid with the tubes and ensure their edges are aligned to make it stand evenly.


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